Government Benefits

There is no Capital Gains Tax in Belize. Mexico is currently raising their levels.

The Qualified Retirement Program (QRP) allows folks with an income of $2000.00 US Dollars a month retire to Belize with most if not all of their personal property coming into Belize Duty Free. This are handled by the Belize Tourism Bureau.

A Permanent Residency program is available as well. This program basically requires 12 months in the country of Belize, with no more than 14 days outside of Belize in your first year in Belize. You are required to have your passport stamped each 30 days at the local Immigration office and pay a small fee. Last time I checked it was like $50 (US) per person.

Work permits are available for foreign labor. I have obtained a few for “specialists”. A specialist is a person who is needed to perform a service that you can not readily find in Belize. There is an application process and the employer is involved in the application process, so don't feel you are out on your own. There is a Permit Fee based on your specialization, ie: classification, however once you receive your work permit you do not have to have your passport stamped or pay the monthly visitor fee.

For Businesses, Trade Zones and Economic Concessions are available for an enterprise that will be a benefit to the economy of Belize. Manufacturing and large resorts are businesses that may want to consider applying for these “Tax Holidays”.

Offshore Banking is also available with numerous Banks in Belize offering this service.

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