Frequently Asked Questions

Entering and Departing Belize

What are the requirements to get into Belize?
Do I need shots?
What about Customs
What airlines serve Belize?
May I fly my own plane to Belize?
How about driving to Belize?
How can I enter Belize by Sea?
What about shipping something to Belize?
Is there duty-free shopping?
Is there a departure tax?

When Traveling Belize

Best time to go to Belize
What are the public and bank holidays?
What should I bring while vacationing in Belize?
What is the dress code?
What about credit cards and travelers' checks?
What is the currency exchange rate?
What about Belize banks?
What about driving around Belize?
Can I rent a car?
Can I travel by bus in Belize?
How much does gas cost?
How do I get around by plane in Belize?
How much should room and board cost?
Is there a sales tax?
What about tipping?
What about shopping?
What about getting married in Belize?
What do I do in an emergency?

About Belize

Where is Belize?
How large is Belize?
Is Belize law similar to U.S. law?
What about drinking water?
What is the electrical volatage?
What about crime?
May firearms be brought into or out of Belize?
What about drugs?


How are the communications?
How much does a telephone call cost?
What about calling Belize?
What languages are spoken?
How do I get on the Internet?


How can I find charter or dive boat operations in Belize?
How about fishing?
What is the Belize Barrier Reef?
How is diving around La Playa de Cerros?

Incentives, Investment, and Retirement

Do you expect values to rise on La Playa de Cerros?
Can I purchase the property as an investment and not build?
What are some incentives to relocating a business to Belize?
Can I retire to Belize? What are the incentives?
What is the Belize Retirement Program?

Business Opportunities and Commercial Parcels

What types of businesses will be allowed?
Will there be job opportunities on Cerros Sands at La Playa de Cerros?
Can I run a bed and breakfast from my dwelling?
Do I need a work permit?
Can I rent or lease my parcel?
What is the difference between residential and commercial parcels?
Can I purchase a commercial parcel and do business and also live there?

Transportation to Cerros Sands at La Playa de Cerros

What is the best way to get to Cerros Sands at La Playa de Cerros?
Can I moor a boat?
Is there deep water access for boats?

Purchasing Property

What is the first step in purchasing property?
How often is the website updated with current pricing and sales information?
Difference between deposit and total down payment
Can foreigners purchase property?
What is the size of each parcel?
When do I receive title?
Can I have confidence and peace of mind when purchasing property in Belize?
May I place a deposit to "lock in" the current price until I can buy?
What are the forms of payment?
How can I find out which parcels are available?
Can I visit Cerros Sands at La Playa de Cerros before purchasing?
How many parcels may I purchase?
Who holds the parcel deposits?
Does the Parcel Purchase Agreement need to be notarized?
May I take the title to a parcel in a corporate name?
Is it easy to purchase property abroad?
Can I obtain clear title to the property?

Costs and Taxes

What are all the closing costs?
What will the property taxes be?
What are the annual fees?


Can I build on my property?
How often does the Architectural Committee meet to review building plans?
How much will it cost to build a home in Cerros Sands at La Playa de Cerros?
Is there a time limit to build?
May I camp on my property prior to building?
What is the minimum square footage I can build?
What is the maximum square footage I can build?
Can I purchase more than one parcel to build a larger home?
May I select my own builder?
Are there any deed restrictions on the parcels?
May I build a swimming pool?
Can you prepare my building site for construction?


Is there water, electricity and waste treatment in the area?
What are the future plans for use or development for the rest of the area?
How much of the Development will actually be preserved?
May I drive a car on the Development?
What kind of paths/trails will there be around the Development?
Can I bring pets to the area?


May I finance my parcel purchase?
What are the financing requirements?
Is there a prepayment penalty for early payoff?

General Info

May I visit the Development?
How do we get around on the Development?
Where do we get supplies when in the area?
Can you send me literature on Cerros Sands at La Playa de Cerros?
Is there a school on Cerros Sands at La Playa de Cerros?


What is the weather report for Cerros Sands at La Playa de Cerros?
Is the area prone to storm or hurricane damage?
When does it rain the most in Belize?


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