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Belize's official language is English, as Belize was formerly British Honduras. Schools teach English and Spanish in school. Creole is spoken as well. Children here are amazing happy.

Belize's Greatest Asset, “Mother Nature's Best Kept Secret”, is the people of Belize. Friendly, caring, generous, happy, fun, family oriented, outgoing, hard working, respectful, are just a few of the adjectives. The list goes on and on.

Their stable democratic government holds is basically a two party system. They like everywhere else have don't get along very well and in a very small country you can see everything in news. Other parties are cropping up and some folks running as Independents have been elected.

The British Western legal system kept in place after their independence from Great Britain maintained the civil/common law system. Frivolous lawsuits, well, as you hear in movies "Forget about it." I have heard of only one.

Property Ownership is Fee Simple Title, once again the same systems used in the United States. Title insurance is available through two US based companies, First American Title in Miami and Stewart Title in Houston.

Belize is the most sparsely populated eco-tourism capital of the world (land and sea), 50% of Belize is rainforest. The entire east coast is waterfront. There are too many cayes (islands) to count, and most of them are uninhabited. Venture out on the sea and just relax for a bit like you are the only people on earth.

Home to the largest natural reef in the Western Hemisphere, our diving and snorkeling areas are world renowned. In-shore fishing, well, we are a home for the Grand Slam. Tarpon, bonefish, permit and snook are predominant. Offshore, load up on enough table fare to share with your neighbors.

Belize has retirement programs, like the Qualified Retirement Program, and Permanent Residency. They are discussed in more detail on the Government Considerations page of this site.

Latest News:

Turks and Caicos, Belize Leading Caribbean Tourism Growth

Fri 6 Jun 2014 — The Caribbean Journal is reporting a 9.7 percent stopover increase for Belize.

The country of Belize welcomed 101,981 stopover arrivals in the first three months of 2014, a 9.7 percent increase compared to the same period in 2014.

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The 7 Best Reasons to Move to Belize

Sun 9 Mar 2014 — From the first time I flew from the mainland to Ambergris Caye—in a small turbo-prop plane—I was hooked on Belize. Gazing down onto the crystal clear Caribbean waters, and at the waves breaking on the Mesoamerican Reef, I was overwhelmed by the scenic beauty around me. This stunning seascape was my intro to Belize. What later convinced me I could live full-time in Belize were the vibrant communities and comfortable lifestyle ...

The 7 Best Reasons to Move to Belize

So what makes Belize so appealing? I’ve outlined the top seven reasons to live here below:

  1. Belize is a stunningly beautiful country.
  2. It's easy to live a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Although small, Belize is a diverse country.
  4. The lifestyle is culturally rich and socially satisfying.
  5. A workable cost of living.
  6. It has a very attractive retiree program.
  7. Belize is an offshore haven and offers secure, private offshore asset protection.
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7 Reasons Why Belize Should Be Your next Fishing Destination

Fri 7 Mar 2014 — Dino of FishingBooker.com explains why Belize should be your next fishing destination.

7 Reasons Why Belize Should Be Your next Fishing Destination

  1. Unrivaled Geographical Features
  2. The Fly-fishing Capital of The 21st Century
  3. Under-Tapped Deep Sea Fishing Potential
  4. Wealth of Niche Fishing Opportunities – Reef and Inland River Fishing!
  5. Some of the Most Breathtaking Fishing Locations in the World
  6. Preservation Efforts Make Both Fish and Fishermen Very Happy
  7. Loads of Low-cost Charters
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5 Don't-Miss Spots in Belize

Mon 3 Feb 2014 — Protected rainforests, Maya ruins, Caribbean beaches and the longest barrier reef in the western hemisphere. Add English as the official language and the widely accepted U.S. dollar, and you can get a great vacation on easy mode in Belize.

Still, with so much to do, it can become a lot of work to fit it all in. Travelzoo editor Andrew Young recommends taking on just a little bit of this country in the heart of Central America at a time, and offers this list of his five top spots to get you started:

  • The Blue Hole
  • Ambergris Caye
  • Maya ruins of Lamanai
  • Caves Branch River Tubing
  • Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
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New Flights to Belize: Delta and American

Fri 31 Jan 2014 — We already knew about the Delta non-stop service from Los Angeles (LAX) to Belize City (BZE) on Saturdays. That started 21 Dec 2013. Now American Airlines will be adding three more non-stops from Newark to Belize.

American Airlines will be adding three more non-stop flights between Newark, NJ (EWR) and Belize City (BZE), on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sundays. Flights will depart at 1pm and arrive in Belize approximately 7pm.

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World's Quirkiest Place To Retire

Thu 23 Jan 2014 — Quirkiest retirement haven in the world? That'd have to be Belize.

Belize City's roadways are built around a system of roundabouts (thanks to her British colonizers), but shops alongside them sell rice, beans, and tortillas still ground by hand.

Belize is one more thing -- one of the most user-friendly places in the world to establish foreign residency. You don't have to be physically present year-round in the country to qualify for permanent residency and to take advantage of the tax benefits of that status. Come to visit for as few as four weeks a year, and you're good.

Belize, a country I visited for the first time more than 25 years ago, is one of my favorite places on earth. Whether it's to escape the cold, to get out of the rat race, or to find a new direction in life, you'll find this schizophrenic little country offers activities and adventures to last a lifetime.

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Belize Among Top Travel Destinations

Wed 8 Jan 2014 — A major travel network has named Belize in its top 2014 choices for emerging destinations. Belize is, in fact, the only country on that list that is near the US, without State Department restrictions (Cuba).

Virtuoso, the luxury travel network, unveiled its annual Luxe Report, surveying its travel advisors for their top choices in a variety of categories.

Virtuoso advisors cited emerging 2014 destinations, in order, as Cuba (39.26%), Myanmar (30.37%), Vietnam (26.25%), Galapagos Islands (23.86%), Bhutan (22.34%), Cambodia (22.13%), Chile (21.04%), Iceland (17.35%), Turkey (15.84%) and Belize (15.18%).

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Direct Flight, LAX to BZE

Sat 21 Dec 2013 — First direct Saturday Delta flight from Los Angeles arrives today in Ladyville.

The first scheduled Los Angeles to Belize non-stop flight was today. According to Delta Airlines, the flights will leave LAX each Saturday at 00:20 am and arrive at Goldson International in Ladyville at 07:00 am. It will then depart Belize at 10:30 am and arrive at LAX at 1:50 pm. Great news for Belizeans with family and friends in Los Angeles!

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Why an Increasing Number of Expats Are Discovering Belize

Tue 26 Nov 2013 — This article from Huffington Post details why Belize, and the Corozal District in particular, are becoming so popular. “Put it all together ... less rainfall than elsewhere in Belize, a wealth of sporting and natural activities, close proximity to the shopping centers of Chetumal, and overall affordability. It's easy to see why Corozal is a strong draw for expats.”

Expats have settled all over Belize, but one spot is starting to earn lots of attention lately ... Corozal, the northernmost of Belize's six districts. It has the second-largest population of the districts with about 35,000 people and shares the border with Mexico. Once considered the undiscovered gem of Belize, this district and its tidy little capital of Corozal Town are quickly rising on the radar of foreign retirees and other expats, and there are lots of reasons why.

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