The 7 Best Reasons to Move to Belize

Sun 9 Mar 2014 — From the first time I flew from the mainland to Ambergris Caye—in a small turbo-prop plane—I was hooked on Belize. Gazing down onto the crystal clear Caribbean waters, and at the waves breaking on the Mesoamerican Reef, I was overwhelmed by the scenic beauty around me. This stunning seascape was my intro to Belize. What later convinced me I could live full-time in Belize were the vibrant communities and comfortable lifestyle ...

So what makes Belize so appealing? I’ve outlined the top seven reasons to live here below:

  1. Belize is a stunningly beautiful country.
  2. It's easy to live a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Although small, Belize is a diverse country.
  4. The lifestyle is culturally rich and socially satisfying.
  5. A workable cost of living.
  6. It has a very attractive retiree program.
  7. Belize is an offshore haven and offers secure, private offshore asset protection.
— Ann Kuffner,  For more ...

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